Guest lecture/presentation

Guest Lecture: Dr Kiki Selioni

Friday 15th January 2016 – 2:00PM-3:30PM – Studio 1

This presentation /performance will discuss the theoretical background of the English school of acting as it was formed as a technique by Lawrence Olivier. This school of thought argues that it stems from Aristotle’s Poetics. The term “biophysical” is indicative of an interaction between body and mind in a scientific way that has no psychological implication The research  is based on the idea that in order for someone to become an actor (or any stage performer), he has to undergo specific body training (including voice); the notion of  “being talented” will be reconsidered. The presentation will also demonstrate on stage through acting scenes the main principles of a newly proposed new methodology for acting in order to satisfy the needs of the 21st century  industry  using as its tool Laban movement analysis.