PANEL 7: Deleted Scenes.

Friday 19th January 2018 – 14:00-15:30PM – Boardroom

  • Minute of Silence. Karoline Moen

Experiences of trauma are often linked to silence; to being ‘beyond’ language. This presentation questions what silence in the aftermath of trauma means and discusses ideas linked to the ‘Dream of Silence’ (Loevlie) in order to problematize the notion of silence as ‘beyond’. Situated in the aftermath of the right-wing terrorist attack in Norway in 2011 the research looks at examples of silence both as a cultural and a personal response to trauma. By asking what we mean when we speak of silence, the research examines the relation between silence and silencing and attempts to problematize the apparent binary between speech and silence. Finally, the presentation will explore the breaking of the boundaries previously discussed and the liberating potential for ‘speaking silence’ through performance text.

Karoline Moen is an MPhil/PhD candidate at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama where she is undertaking a research project informed by her practice as a playwright. Karoline holds an MFA in Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media from RCSSD and her work has been staged in London, Norway and at the International Theatre Festival in Malta. She is part of the writing collective Forfall and her poetry has been published in the anthology Screams and Silences by Fincham Press (2016).

  • The aetiology of surveillance – the structure of trauma and the grammar of the internet. Lior Lerman


  • Shaping up some Deviant Other: How Labouring Animals Ate Up a Queer Black Kid’s Objective Aims. Ezra Tafari Rose