Friday 19th January 2018 – 14:00-15:30PM – Rehearsal Room 7


  • What are you doing in there?. Kiki Selioni

Dr Kiki Selioni in her post-doc research Biophysical Acting investigated the way of structuring a methodology for acting on screen through online classes. The classes, which lasted three months, with a number of actors from different counties, tested the possibility of teaching in distance, especially acting on screen, but it also tested acting on stage.

The research tried to explore in practice what the differences and the similarities are between acting on screen and acting on stage and in what way acting teachers/coaches can overcome the difficulties that distance and camera create. Moreover, these classes resulted in a performance that creates both the sense of the theatre and the screen.

While the audience will be attending a theatrical event, the performance/lecture will be also exploring the ways in which actors’ kinaesthetic experience can be improved during they act on screen. The performance-lecture presents and refers to areas out of camera’s frame that the spectators cannot ‘see’ but they remain a territory that it is crucial for actors’ training.