Intersections 2016 Schedule

Intersections 2016: Practice (…) Research

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama’s annual Intersections Conference will be held on Thursday 14th January and Friday 15th January 2016. Led by the Research Degrees community at Central, Intersections seeks to engage with current theoretical and conceptual discourses in theatre, dance and performance research, not only to highlight the diverse research interests at Central, but also to host a range of international scholars from a variety of backgrounds and institutions, addressing points of intersection between disciplines, fields and modes of research. The theme of this year’s conference is Practice (…) Research, investigating the blurring boundaries of the practicing researcher.

Everybody has a practice. Performing, curating, producing, writing, thinking, theorising. Whether you write about it or whether you do it – and arguably if you write about you are also doing something – practice is central to research in drama, theatre and performance.

In recent years the boundaries between pure theoretical research and engagements in practice have increasingly blurred, and new forms of generating knowledge are being accepted throughout academia. In many cases, it could be argued, there exists a continuing binary between Practice-as-Research and traditional modes of research, particularly within higher education institutions. Intersections 2016 aims to provide a forum in which practicing researchers can examine, challenge or insist on this binary, and encourages participants from across the field of research in drama, theatre and performance to consider the ways in which, whether explicitly or not, (their) practice intersects with their research.

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9:30 – 10:00 Registration (Reception)
10:00-10:15 Welcome: Dr Tony Fisher (RCSSD) and the Conference Committee
10:15-11:30 Keynote address by Professor Joe Kelleher (Roehampton)

Respondent: Amanda Stuart Fisher (RCSSD)

1:30-11:50 Coffee Break
11:50-13:20 Panel 1: Practice (documenting) Research Panel 2: Practice (practicing) Research
PAPER 1: “My camp is not your camp. Your camp is mine: Lip-synching as a practical method of inquiry.”  Simon Dodi PAPER 1: Making ‘The Copla Musical’: Developing a PaR Methodology. Alejandro Postigo
PAPER 2: “Performance as Archive: reflections of a practitioner-researcher / researcher-practitioner” Marie-Louise Crawley PAPER 2: “Alice and the Worms. A Performative Lecture.” Alice Colquhoun
PAPER 3: “Performative Lecture: Affective Documentation in Perplexpedition” Robbie Z. Wilson PAPER 3: “Subverting Theory in Postdramatic Theatre” Silvia Dumitriou
13:20-14:30 Lunch
14:30-16:00 PANEL 3: Practice (messing with) Research PANEL 4: Practice (training with) Research
PAPER 1: “Cloud Seeding: The Poetics of Clouds and the Creative Process” Phillip Stanier and Penny Newell PAPER 1: “Experiment: Reflections on Nymph Errant” Sherrill Gow
PAPER 2: “Homo Academicus: The Musical – challenging the inaudibility of academic knowledge” Farokh Soltani PAPER 2: “Practice as research into practice: closing the loop” Penny Andrews
PAPER 3: Hear Me Roar: Queer Utopian Negativity and the Potential of Performance” Joe Parslow & Meth PAPER 3: “Frogging: How practice works in my research” Evi Stamatiou
16:00-16:20 Coffee Break
16:20-17:00 Plenary Event
17:00-19:00 Wine Reception



9:30-10:00 Registration (Reception)
10:00-11:15 Keynote address by Dr. Kelina Gotman (KCL)

Respondent: Dr. Stephen Farrier (RCSSD)

11:15-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30-13:00 PANEL 5: Practice (knowing) Research PANEL 6: Practice (voices) Research
PAPER 1: “Practice as “Search” towards a different form of knowledge” Dr Anna Troisi PAPER 1: “Re-authoring John Donne in a Vocal Somatic Dialogue” Jane Boston
PAPER 2: “Practice (confounds) Research: Grappling with ‘Lost Causes’” Adelina Ong PAPER 2: “The Challenge to Artistic Collaborators: Who then is the author?” Alan Taylor
PAPER 3: “Finding the Woo Woo: when Practice does Not Become Research” Royce Sparks
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 PANEL 7: Practice (dances with) Research PANEL 8: Practice (mixing) Research Guest Lecture/ Presentation: Dr Kiki Selioni
PAPER 1: “Practice as Research: a new insight of composing dance improvisation” Jindeok Park PAPER 1: “Clod Ensemble: Creative Collaboration: Practice meets Research” Dr Sophie Lally
PAPER 2: “Attending (Theatre) as Practice­based Research” Dr George Home-Cook PAPER 2: “Theatre as research in clinical settings; adopting a mixed­method.” Dr Persephone Sextou
PAPER 3: “The Choreography of Research / Performing Practice: Visioning and embodying landscape | Dancing towards practice based action research.”  Dr Beatrice Jarvis PAPER 3: “Actor/spectator? … When one becomes two: an interchange of process and product.” Elizabeth Howard


PAPER 4: “Keeping Research Live” Dr Joseph Dunne

15:30-15:45 Coffee Break
15:45-16:15 Reflections