Keynote address by Dr. Nina Power

Abstract: The Obscenity of Public Life

 Dr. Nina Power (Roehampton)

Keynote speech – Friday 19th January – 10:00-11:15 – Embassy Theatre

Respondent: Dr. Rachel Cockburn (RCSSD)

This talk addresses the paradox of contemporary politics, whereby those with the most power are permitted to behave in the most obscene ways, whereas those without it must be policed in all ways (literally and metaphorically, both internally and externally). Drawing on Angela Nagle’s insight that the right and alt-right ‘won’ the battle for the counterculture, and took over its use of ‘subversive’ tactics such as shock and irony, this paper will argue instead for a culture of left daring that takes seriously the dominance of the obscene as well as new tactics of resistance.

Nina is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Roehampton and is the author of many articles on philosophy and politics.