Keynote Speech: Images of Practice

Keynote Speech: Images of Practice

Prof Joe Kelleher (Roehampton University)

Respondent: Amanda Stuart-Fisher (RCSSD)

Thursday 14th January 2016, 10:15AM-11:30AM

Rehearsal Room 1-2

The lecture will focus on situations of presentation, of exposition and redo, of research and working through, where this or that practice is not only shown to be done, but comes – as it were – with a practitioner’s eyes already upon it. I’m thinking of perhaps peculiar examples, recent artworks by the likes of Ragnar Kjartansson or Gisele Vienne for instance, where other people’s practices are at once rendered in their specificity and – it would appear – appropriated for an exhibition of one’s ‘own’ interests and longing. I am thinking also of theorist Isabelle Stengers’s account of an ‘ecology of practices’, whereby individual practices – in all their specificity and incompatibility – act in the world alongside each other and contribute of hat we might understand as a ‘cosmopolitical’ world-making. I’m obliged too, though, to think of how the images we make of the practices that we – and others – do, might obscure as much as they reveal, not least of the shared or collective activities that inform the historicity of our endeavours. And, not least, I’m thinking of how we present ourselves as researchers – in institutional contexts especially – and the sorts of claims to knowledge our own practices can make when rendered as image, or as performance.